is your church ready for easter?


countdown to easter

april 17, 2022









during the bootcamp, we'll cover topics like...

How to title your Easter services.

What media do you need this Easter.

Working with outsourced designers.


meet your bootcamp guides

Kenny Jahng,
Church Comms

Kenny serves as our Chief Innovation Officer. You can count on him for crazy fun ideas and a plans to make them a reality. He'll be supplying all the big dreams for bootcamp sessions.

Katie Allred,
Church Comms

Our fearless leader Katie knows everything there is to know about creating community. She keeps everyone focused on the main goal: connecting with people.

Michael Tuszynski,
Church Media Squad

As the founder and CEO of Church Media Squad, Michael knows a thing or two about creating effective designs. He'll be personally guiding you through the entire bootcamp experience.

Abby McCully,
Church Comms

Serving as the Director of Events & Membership, Abby likes to make sure everyone is having a good time. She's here to answer all your questions and make sure you have what you need to succeed.


when you complete this bootcamp, you'll walk away with...

  • A unique Easter design for created specifically for you church.
  • 21 variations of your design to use for any  screen size, social media posts, print designs and more!
  • A customized Easter service bumper video. 
  • A list of “next step” media needs to make sure your church is ready for all your Easter weekend visitors!
  • Scroll to view a sample of everything you'll leave with! 

choose your cohort

There will be three bootcamp events, each will follow the same schedule and cover the same content.
Each cohort will be limited to 10 spots each.

JAN 31 - FEB 11


FEB 14 - FEB 25


FEB 28 - MAR 11



week 1

Monday — Video Call — 1 Hour
Signing Up & Preparing to Submit Your Easter Request

Thursday — Video Call — 1.5 Hours
How to Best Utilize & Communicate with an Outsourced Design Team — 0.5 Hour

Show & Tell: Reviewing your Easter Artwork —  1 Hour

Friday — Community Chat Thread
Checking in: How are Easter Designs Going? 

week 2

Monday — Video Call — 1 Hour
Quick Checkin on Designs — 1/2 Hour

Developing Plans for Easter Videos —  1/2 Hour

Wednesday — Video Call — 1 Hour

Completing Miscellaneous Media Needs — 1 Hour

Friday — Community Chat Thread
Checking in: Show us your end results!




A custom design will be created for your church during the bootcamp experience.

You'll get 21 variations of your design to use for any  screen size, social media posts, print designs and more, including:

Invite Cards


Countdown Cards

Facebook Event Graphics

Title Slides

Story Graphics


Lower Thirds


Social Profile Covers

Insta Graphics


Yard Signs


Facebook Page Cover

and so much more! 

The designs above are examples. Your church we receive a custom design that is unique to your church.

you'll be working with the pros of all things church media.


At Church Media Squad, we know you want to be seen as a creative leader—which means you need jaw-dropping graphics for your Easter services. 

Here’s the problem: Even if you have the skills to create those graphics yourself, with 1,674,842 other things on your to-do list, you don’t have the time. And if you don’t have the skills? You probably feel overwhelmed—and even a bit helpless.

You deserve to get some hours back in your week so you can stop feeling frustrated, focus on what matters, and look awesome. 

Everyone at Church Media Squad is a former church staff member, so we totally get the unique challenges you face. That’s why we’ve created thousands of custom graphics for over 1,000 churches of all sizes, denominations, and styles. 

Meet the whole Squad who will be part of creating your awesome Easter media during the bootcamp.