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We believe great church communication leaders aren't born they're trained.

You need a community that helps you become a church communication hero. The problem is you have no idea where to start, and you're probably doing this job alone. At Church Communications, We believe you shouldn’t have to do ministry alone.

We understand because we’ve worked in the church too, which is why we built a community with over 29,000 members that are ready to support and cheer you on.

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Katie Allred

Katie Allred works with nonprofits, churches, and businesses to help increase reach through websites, social media, and online marketing. She is the founder of ChurchCommunications.com, an online community for church leaders featuring a Facebook group, podcast, and website. She is also an assistant professor of marketing and software development at the University of Mobile. She blogs at KatieAllred.com and ChurchCommunications.com

Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng is the founder and CEO of Big Click Syndicate, a strategic content marketing agency that helps nonprofits, cause-driven & faith-based ministries/churches build and engage their core audiences. Big Click Syndicate has created and managed performance-based marketing campaigns for brands such as the American Bible Society, Biblica, California Baptist University, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and the United Methodist Church. Connect with Kenny @KennyJahng on Twitter or Instagram, KennyJahng.com, or LinkedIn through his #DailyKJTV vlog.